Hello dear friends!

The bread is a very important and common food in Italy and the bread culture has its roots in very ancient times. In an ideal journey from north to south we will be able to meet a lot of different types of bread: each region has its own shapes, recipes, baking methods, names...

In the past, specially in the small towns, was very common for a family to bake its own bread at home, nowadays this custom is almost disappeared, as the people prefer to buy bread made by professional in the bakery shops. Neverthless, as the bread price increase day after day, i suspect  that  more and more people are rediscovering the joy of baking theyr bread at home.
Today i want to share my homemade bread with you. All you need is wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar and a little of beer, and you will be able to bake your own bread at home.

A knead machine may replace your hands pretty well and  will make it easier(specially if you are lazy like me;)) and a wood-fired brick oven will bake your bread much more delicious.

P.S.: if you want to get more informations about italian bread traditions an interesting link here: http://garrubbo.com/types-of-italian-bread/

The dough already start to leaven while it's still inside the knead machine
Shape the dough in your favourite bread shape and let the yeast works and leaven it
Baking now, we just have to wait. Sit down, let's have a drink, but dont forget to check your bread once in a while.
Our freshly-baked bread. Just cut a slice and pour a drizzle of extravirgin olive oil on it while it's still warm. Enjoy!

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