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We are happy to see you all here. I am Saverio, I run "Masseria Civitella" with my father together! We want to share our farm life and funny things with you here.  

We love our territory, our culture and tradition. Here, we will share news about our farm, beautiful olive trees, delicious olive oil, wine grapes, besides, we would also love to share things about  food, recipes, beautiful landscape and all other things about Italy. Hope you will like our blog!

Buona Giornata!

The smell of summer

zucchine are very delicious in summer!
Figs are one of the delicious fruit in Apulia in summer, we use to sun-dry its to enjoy its also out of summer :)
Sun-dried tomatoes, a typical ingredient of Apulian cuisine, and it is delicious too!
23/4/2016 03:10:22 am

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